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About Us

"At www.deedsrusllc.comwe pride ourselves at being a local, small business that treats everyone we do a deal with as if they are family. When me and my partner Orlando Fontan  got started a few years ago…our number one goal was to create win-win solutions for homeowners and investors so that everyone walks away from a deal feeling good about their outcome. We pay all cash for houses, close on a date of your choice, and buy the property in it’s current condition. Plus when you do a deal with us we always cover all the typical selling costs so there are no commission, hidden fee’s, or closing costs. Bottom line…it’s a much better solution to work with a smaller, local homebuyer than one of those cold…national home buying companies".

Hello, welcome to DEEDSRUS LLC , we buy houses cash all over Florida.  If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, then I want to talk with you.  As a local "I buy houses" real estate investing company, I specialize in helping homeowners sell quick for cash.  There are many reasons why you would choose to work with me vs. selling through a real estate agent.  The main benefits is the fact that I pay cash, can close on a date of your choice, and whatever sales price we agree upon is a "net" number to you.  This means that I will cover typical closing costs and you will NEVER have to pay any commissions or hidden fee's.  Also I will buy your house in it's "as-is" condition.  That means you won't need to make any repairs or have to deal with a "picky" buyer!

Plus in many cases I can pay you TOP Dollar for your property.  This is because of my "buy-n-hold" approach to investing in real estate.

My Simple 5 Step Selling Process:

1) Fill out the form to the right and I will contact you to learn more about your property and situation.

2) Next I will schedule an appointment to view the property and meet you "face-to-face".

3) Next I will create a unique offer to purchase your property.

4) Once we agree upon a purchase price, I will create a simple 3 page Purchase & Sales Agreement which we will both sign.

5) Finally, I will open escrow with a licensed closing agent (Title Company or Attorney) and quickly get you paid.

I offer many flexible and unique solutions to selling your Florida house fast.  So fill out the form to the right and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Orlando Fontan 

Donyell Walker